Voices of LCMH

Karen Andrews

I cannot say enough about the Great Care I received at LCMH ( P.A.T., One Day, Surgery, P.A.C.U., (4W), Lab, X-Ray, CT, Transportation, Respiratory, Doctors, Housekeepings, RN's, CNA's.... Everyone I came in contact with during my Surgery & Stay on (4W) were Wonderful!!!! to name a few: Mary RN, Lori RN, Kim RN, Caitlin RN, Myra RN, Jolanta CNA, Jackie CNA, Kaitelin CNA, Stpheny CNA, Jaimie CNA, Melanoy RN, Rachel RN, Dr. Haldeman. Thank you and God Bless each & everyone of you. Respectfully Karen A.

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