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Sarah Pfammatter

My name is Sarah Pfammatter. In September of 2008 we had our first experience with Little Company of Mary Hospital when we gave birth to our daughter. After the birth we couldn't stop talking about how amazed we were by the nursing staff and how they allowed us to give birth the way we wanted and not the way they dictated. We discussed how everyone was so nice and how they treated the birth like it was their own with encouragement, surprise, and adulation.


Since 2008 we have visited LCM's emergency room for stitches, x-rays, and extractions. Recently, I started having back problems again. As I have struggled with back pain for three years I knew that this time was different and that we needed to seek the help of a specialist. We didn't know where to turn but what we did know was that if I was going to have surgery we wanted the doctor to be affiliated with LCM. On February 11, 2013, I was a patient again at LCM; this time for a discectomy performed by Dr. William Earman.


The reason we chose LCM over any other hospital in the Chicagoland area is simple-customer service. Whenever we are in LCM, for whatever reason, everyone always greets us with a smile. We have never been treated by any member of the staff any differently. They all smile, look like they enjoy the job, and treat us as if we are family and not patient number XXXX.


For my discectomy I was not only treated by Dr. Earman but also by Mary Beth G., Marilyn C., Dorothy, Dr. Dave Roth, Jessica, Coco, Mary (in recovery), Victor, Ivan, Monika, Kunima, Susan, Mary E., Daisy, Chris, Anne, and I am sure a few others who I apologize but was too groggy to remember. These people all treated me with so much respect and kindness that I wanted to remember their names as I felt I NEEDED to thank them.


Little Company of Mary Hospital is a great asset to this area. We are lucky to have such a community orientated hospital so close to home. The hospital you run is phenomenal and the reason is because of your staff. Thank you for bringing the care back into medical care.



Sarah Pfammatter


Read more about William Earman, D.O. and LCM's Orthopedic services in the Spring 2013 Regarding Health community newsletter!

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