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Brenda Wilson

Dear Mr. Reilly and Sister Kathleen:

Approximately one month ago, I suffered from an acute allergic reaction causing Urticaria as well as episodes of frightening weakness, lightheadedness and heart palpitations. After a visit to the Emergency Room at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where I was treated with an IV steroid and released, I contacted my primary care physician and he told me to contact Lourdes D. Floro, M.D. in Oak Lawn. Dr. Floro is an Immunologist and Allergist located at 5423 West 95th Street.

After two visits to Dr. Floro, she admitted me to Little Company of Mary Hospital so that I could be treated for the extreme rash, the continuing and worsening episodes of what I now know were decreases in blood pressure, and to also run some additional tests. The symptoms that I advised Dr. Floro and Dr. Razzeque (my primary care physician at Little Company) of lead to prompt visits from a Little Company neurologist and cardiologist.

The purpose of my letter is to advise you of the extraordinary care and attention that I received at your hospital from the moment I was admitted. Every single nurse, aid, technician, and support staff member- including the young men who brought me to and from each test, treated me with the utmost respect and care - and for that, I am deeply astonished and most grateful.


I cannot even begin to explain the level of care and true concern that I received from Dr. Floro - she is truly a compassionate human being who took my overall health into consideration. She focused on the immediate immunological concern but made it her mission to work with the other doctors to determine the cause of the other symptoms I was experiencing.


After I was admitted, Dr. Floro called or visited every day, and called to advise me that I would be receiving a visit from a cardiologist named Dr. Vadali. Would you believe that Dr. Vadali also showed compassion and concern - and took her time with me! She asked many questions, and advised that she needed to schedule some tests, but that we would get to the bottom of my symptoms. And guess what? I believe her. And I believe that Dr. Floro will continue to work with me and my other doctors to determine the cause of my symptoms and treat them appropriately.

I was born at Little Company of Mary Hospital in 1973. I have not been back to Little Company until last week - partly due to insurance constraints and partly because I had no idea I could receive that level of care, professionalism, and cleanliness from your hospital. I need to continue with some testing with Dr. Floro and Dr. Vadali, but I would ask that you commend every doctor, nurse, technician and aid that took part in my care. What a truly astonishing group of people and what an extraordinary hospital. I will be sure to share my experience with everyone I know and love.


Thanks and best regards.


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