Success Stories

Success Stories

Bariatric Patient Testimonials

Overcoming obesity is a major accomplishment. Beyond a happier, healthier life our patients have the added benefit of pride in their achievement of long-term weight loss. Their success is the greatest reward our experts could ask for and we're proud to share some of their amazing stories.



Our patients were just recently featured on The Chicago Tribune's Bariatric success special issue. Read the their stories and get inspired!




Yolande McVey

Yolande McVey, of Dolton, proudly shared that she had three goals for herself, to graduate college, write a book, and get healthy. After recollecting her first visit with Dr. Cahill over a year ago, she said felt like an outsider compared to others and did not even understand the concept of shopping because she only purchased what could fit. After gastric bypass, she graduated college with honors, is scheduled to release her first published book in the summer, and also has lost 126 pounds. She says she can shop until she drops and most importantly she loves life and does not feel like an outsider anymore.


Kelly McElhaney

Kelly McElhaney of Orland Hills says her story, among others, is truly an example of how anyone can achieve their goals. After a life-long struggle with weight problems, Kelly said she had a family history of diabetes and heart problems and did not want to inherit that. She said she wanted the healthiest and longest life that she could. She was denied by her insurance several times to undergo gastric bypass even though she was more than 300 pounds overweight. She fought long and hard for what she knew she needed. Finally after going through the Institute's weight loss program she was approved and two years and a half years later, Kelly proudly says she has lost 291 pounds. She says she has 40 more pounds to go but is confident that she will achieve it. She added, I could not have achieved my weight loss goals without the Institute's support, I am forever grateful.



Kelly Shigley

Kelly Shigley, proud mother and grandmother, wanted to feel better about herself. She had run out of energy and felt that nobody cared to listen or take her seriously because of her weight. She spoke with others who had surgery done and met with with Dr. Cahill. She was still unsure if surgery was right for her and wanted to wait to try and lose weight independently. A year passed and she gained another 30 pounds and was battling a multitude of health problems including a hernia, acid reflux and other medical ailments. She eventually had to quit her job as a hair stylist because of her challenging medical issues. Kelly finally had enough and decided to wait no longer and underwent the gastric bypass. Kelly proudly says she has lost more than 160 pounds and now weighs 125 pounds and wears a size 2. She picked up hair styling and now travels to cut hair for others who are struggling with ailments or limitations and are unable to leave their homes. Kelly says she feels great and has the energy to help watch her grandchildren, run her business and live life.



Pat Zawitaj

Pat suffered from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, breathing problems and a risk of diabetes. And combining these problems with only being 5 feet tall, walking any distance made her weight difficult to live with. Not to mention the setbacks of having to regularly travel for work. Extender seatbelts, cramped restaurant booths and walking tours cut short made things very embarrassing and left Pat feeling that she could be getting so much more out of life.

After a lot of research, she decided that Little Company of Mary's Bariatric Surgery Center seemed like the right match. The doctors and staff were professional, understanding and thorough. They knew what Pat had been going through. And after her laparoscopic Roux-en-Y surgery and losing 139 pounds in 16 months, Pat is enjoying life even more. She has some simple advice for other people looking for a bariatric program. "Do your research, visit with the doctor and staff and then, just do it!"



Angela Love

Tired of feeling like she was just too overweight, Angela wanted to feel healthy and fit. Surfing the internet one day, she came across information for Litlle Company of Mary?s Bariatric Surgery Center. According to Angela, it felt like a gift from above. And 18 months after open gastric bypass surgery and losing 217 pounds, she realized just how much of a gift a new, healthy lifestyle truly was. She's very appreciative of the people who helped her get there.

"I love Dr. Cahill and his staff. They are the best. They are always there when you need them."



Lisa Ivanauskas

After Lisa was brought to the emergency room and treated for a heart attack, she knew something major had to be done to get herself to a healthy weight. She had been miserable and was tired of living with obesity. Lisa had always thought of Little Company of Mary Hospital as a wonderful Southside Chicago hospital, and from the first day she spoke with staff from the Bariatric Surgery Center, she felt like she was in safe, supportive hands. Under their guidance and care, Lisa underwent a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. Thanks to her drive and hard work, Lisa lost an astonishing 92 pounds in the first 5 months after surgery. Now she celebrates two birthdays?her real one, and the date of her surgery, November 2nd. Or as she remembers it, the happiest day of her life. Lisa believes that her surgery gave her a new chance, and she is forever grateful for her happier, healthier lifestyle.


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