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Meet Our Orthopedic Nurse Navigator, Cathy Daly

Kaeleigh Bengtson, BSN, RN, ONC, is now the Orthopedic Nurse Navigator. Kaeleigh has been at Little Company of Mary for five years working on 4 West. Kaeleigh graduated from Indiana University and resided in Indiana prior to moving to Chicago six years ago. Please join us in welcoming Kaeleigh into her new role. 


Read on to learn more about the role of Orthopedic Nurse Navigator at Little Company of Mary Hospital and some answers to common questions.



What is an Orthopedic Nurse Navigator?


An orthopedic nurse navigator is a nurse who provides orthopedic patients with the support needed from the moment they enter our door through post-operation care.


What does the Orthopedic Nurse Navigator do for the patient?


The orthopedic nurse navigator assists in coordinating the supportive care our patients seek during their journey. The nurse navigator is part of an interdisciplinary orthopedic team and serves as a liaison among the surgeons, physicians, nurses, and the patient. “I work to develop a close rapport with patients, essentially helping them to 'navigate' through a particularly challenging time," Cathy explains.


At what point in the process does a patient start working with an Orthopedic Nurse Navigator?


A patient would first meet an Orthopedic Nurse Navigator from the moment they enter our door. The Navigator plays an active role in assisting the patient through the preoperative, surgical and postoperative care.  Interactions may be anything from calming the nerves of the patient/family to “coaching” a patient through surgery and beyond.


What are the benefits of an Orthopedic Nurse Navigator to patients and their families?


With the assistance of the Navigator, patients and their families experience a decrease in barriers and a high level of coordination of care through the surgical continuum.  All aspects of the interaction with the Navigator lead to improved outcomes and a better patient/family experience.


What is the best thing Little Company of Mary has to offer patients?


Little Company of Mary Hospital uses a team approach for the individual treatment plan for each patient. The team consists of a dedicated group of physicians, surgeons, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, and care management who work together to deliver top-of-the-line orthopedic care to each patient.


For more information about our Orthopedic Nurse Navigator, please call 708.229.5309.

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