Transformation Updates

Transformation Updates

Campus Transformation Updates

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Power Construction Awarded Hospital Project


Installation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems will continue through this spring. Construction on the 96 private patient rooms -- all with private baths -- will be well under way. Over the summer, wall coverings and flooring will be laid down. Then, after a fresh coat of paint and move-in of furniture and medical equipment, the West Pavilion will be ready to welcome its first patients in fall 2012.


The eight-story West Pavilion will be home to the Women’s Center for Life and Health, a comprehensive, one-stop shop for women’s outpatient care.  The building will also feature a new gift shop, cafeteria, pharmacy, lab services and four floors of private patient rooms.



Kevin Rehder

Vice President of Clinical Services & Transformation Project Manager


Date: Tue Nov 29, 2011
Did you know?

  • The precast brick work is made by the Lombard Construction Comp. in Alsip, IL.
  • The pieces can weigh from 6000lbs up to 30,000lbs.
  • The concrete is 8in thick & when the concrete is wet the bricks are placed on top of it.
  • There are a total of 300 pieces needed to finish the new hospital.

Date: Fri Dec 9, 2011
Did you know?

  • The new HVAC unit that is located on the roof of the hospital is made by Trane (USA comp).
  • It is made up of 17 pieces that weigh the minimum of 12k lbs up to 40K lbs.
  • Once the unit is completely together if is 45ft wide by 175ft in length.
  • It will distribute air to four main units that will handle the air circulation from the 8th
  • floor to the 3rd floor.
  • Each unit puts out 66,000 CFMs (cubic feet per minute). A total of 264,000 CFMs.
  • The 2nd floor to the basement has three units that distribute an average of 35,000 per unit
  • in CFMs. A total of 105,000 CFMs.
  • The average 1000 square foot home requires 3000 CFMs, 2000 square foot home requires 6000,
  • the multiplier is 3 CFMs.

Date: Tue Dec 20, 2011
Today's topic : Windows
There are at total of 179 individual window openings, plus 8 more at the roof level. There are also two curtain walls (the continuous wall of glass) located on the east & west elevations. The windows vary in size, but most are typically 9'7" by 8'11". All of the windows are inoperable.
The window frames are manufactured by Kawneer based in Springdale, Arkansas. The glass units are manufactured by Old Castle Glass based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Energy efficiency in windows is measured by U-Factor, which measures a windows resistance to heat flow. The lower the U-Factor, the better its insulating properties. High performance windows generally have a U-Factor of 0.30 or below. Our glass units have a U-Factor of 0.28. There are two crews of 6 Union glazers, one crew is installing the individual windows & the remaining 6 are installing the two curtainwalls.

Campus Transformation (West Pavilion) Update - 12/29/11
The construction of the West Pavilion continues to track on time for the anticipated opening in Fall of 2012. (Less than a year away!)
The West Entrance ("formerly the Doctor's Entrance") will re-open on Tuesday, January 3rd. This will provide more convenient access to the campus.

  • The precast brick exterior installation is complete.
  • The window system installation is in progress with expected completion by
  • the end of January.
  • The Cooling Towers are being set in place just west of the West Pavilion.
  • The interior mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are well on their
  • way.
  • Dry-wall installation has started on the first and fourth floors.
  • The North Bank of elevators will be operational by February.  This will
  • allow for the removal of the red exterior lift, currently used by the
  • construction workers.  Workers will use the internal elevators for the balance
  • of the project.
  • The link between the West Pavilion and North Pavilon is under construction.
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