What They're Saying About LCM'S TTP Program

What They're Saying About LCM'S TTP Program

What They're Saying About LCM'S TTP Program

“I always enjoyed TTP. We laughed, cried, played games, and always learned something new and valuable for our practice.

I especially appreciate how quickly administration and various departments responded to our concerns, and their willingness

to care. They took time out to attend meetings. That has absolutely reinforced my conviction that LCMH was and is the

right choice for me.”


             “The shadowing experiences were helpful because they allowed me to have a more well-rounded viewpoint and

             understanding of other employee’s role in caring for patients.  We all work together and need to be understanding

             of each other’s roles.”


“Every meeting I have been too I have learned something new.  Evaluated my career and learned tips and tricks on how to

become a better nurse.”


             “The orientation process was very constructive as I felt supported throughout my transition of being a student to a

             new grad RN.”


“My impression of nursing has changed since I began because I am realizing this profession is not only physically

exhausting, but also emotionally and mentally exhausting. I’ve also learned that crying doesn’t mean you are weak,

but that you are a passionate nurse who really does care about his/her patients.”


            “I have so much more respect for the profession and I am extremely proud of what we do.”


“As I gained confidence, it opened my eyes to how people work as a team and really support one another.”


            “I would like to thank the entire TTP program, for making the transition to nursing so much better than I could have

            imagined.  What a gift to never feel alone in a transition that can at times feel life changing.”


“The most rewarding experience that this year has brought me is making friends and becoming close to the other new and

experienced nurses on my floor. I have been able to trust and confide within these coworkers/friends and that has made

this transition much easier.”


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