Sponsorship Requests

Sponsorship Requests

Community Sponsorship Requests

Guidelines have been developed to assist those seeking sponsorship for community events/activities from Little Company of Mary Hospital and Health Care Centers. Applications are reviewed and assessed quarterly on their alignment with Little Company of Mary's mission and values.


Mission Statement:

In solidarity with the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary, we are entrusted to serve the community through our ministry of Catholic Health Care. We are the empowered laity - the Greater Company of Mary. Rooted in a deep heritage of prayerful support of the sick and dying, we strive to enhance the sacredness of life and human dignity.


Please Note: Sponsorship requests will be reviewed on a quarterly basis. Below are the dates/deadlines for each quarter:


Quarter 1 (January/February/March)

  • Deadline for sponsorship request submissions is November 30th.

Quarter 2 (April /May/June)

  • Deadline for sponsorship request submissions is February 28th.

Quarter 3 (July/August/September)

  • Deadline for sponsorship request submissions is May 31st.

Quarter 4 (October/November/December)

  • Deadline for sponsorship request submissions is August 31st.



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