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More than 140 Fabulous Women Attended Little Company of Mary’s “Celebrate the Heart of Women” Event

More than 140 fabulous woman wearing red entered the Hilton Oak Lawn Hotel to attend Little Company of Mary’s “Celebrate the Heart of Women” on Sunday, February 26th. The special woman’s event focused on “Optimizing Women’s Health” in the new year with guest Speaker, Dr. Priya Bhattacharyya, LCM Family Practitioner and Women’s’ Health Specialist.


The event began with a special liturgy by Father Czyzynski, who provided a special blessing and reflection. Following the mass and brunch, women were led by an informative and eye opening presentation on women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.
“Women today face more stress than any other generation before. The expectations and demands of a woman have increased incredibly. Women have to juggle career, family, home, friends, spiritual and civic responsibilities, all while looking polished and refreshed however, in the mass of all the madness, women need to find time to focus on their health care needs,” said Dr. Priya Bhattacharyya.

Dr. Priya Bhattacharyya’s presentation on “Optimizing Woman’s Health” focused on the “Health Triangle.” Each side of the triangle represents a woman’s mental, social and physical health.

Mental Health, “Find time to smile and laugh, laugher is shown to help relieve stress and can help increase immunity.  Much of your physical health is determined by your mental state. Much of your mental state is determined by your self-talk”, said Dr. Priya Bhattacharyya.


Social Health, is how a person interacts with others and the outcome of such interactions whether it being positive or negative affects the well-being of that person.  Developing and maintaining relationships plays an important role in your health. People finding you interesting and trustworthy ensures that you will have a solid connection of people that you call “friends.”

Physical Health, exercise not only controls weight but it can also combat health conditions and disease, improve mood, and also reverse the detrimental effects of stress. Get routine wellness and gynecological exams, many of the diseases women face today can be preventable and or treatable if detected early.

Don’t skimp on your dental exams! Dental exams not only can diagnose and prevent dental disease but also improve your overall self-esteem, self-image and physical health.

The overall message of Dr. Bhattacharyya is for women to take care of themselves. Women sometimes put off their problems to deal with the problems of others however the best medicine is preventative. “It’s all about balance. Happiness is a choice and comes from within. Remember to take care of yourself”, Dr. Bhattacharyya’s concluded.

To learn more about upcoming events, please contact the Health Education Department at Little Company of  at 708.423.5774. To find out more information about Dr. Priya Bhattacharyya, please call 773.239.9100 or visit



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