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Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Offered At Little Company Of Mary Hospital

On March 22, 2012, Mary J. Mitchell underwent an Anterior Hip Replacement surgery at Little Company of Mary Hospital performed by Steven Chandler, D.O., an orthopedic surgeon. Little Company of Mary Hospital’s orthopedic team performs various minimally invasive procedures that reduce surgery and recovery times, including Anterior Hip Replacement.


Mary J. Mitchell suffered from pain in her right hip for five years prior to her surgery. The degree of pain varied, but the pain was still constant. Everyday activities such as driving, walking, using the stairs, and even standing for a long period of time were difficult. Mitchell found she had been suffering from arthritis in her hip. After meeting with Dr. Chandler, Mitchell was told she would need hip replacement surgery.


Dr. Chandler presented the idea of Anterior Hip Replacement surgery. Unlike Posterior Hip Replacement, an anterior approach results in decreased chance of a limp, minimal muscle damage, low dislocation rates and faster recovery time. “Anterior Hip Replacement also allows patients to immediately bend their hip and bear full weight when comfortable. This surgery is minimally invasive and allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip rather than using a lateral or posterior approach. For these reasons, anterior hip replacement operations are becoming more prevalent,” said Dr. Chandler.


After speaking with Dr. Chandler and learning about the options, Mitchell decided to have the anterior hip replacement surgery. The surgery took place on March 22, 2012. Dr. Chandler completed Mitchell’s surgery in one hour and 45 minutes. After waking up from the operation, Mitchell stated she had immediate relief of the arthritic hip pain.


Mitchell currently goes to physical therapy three days a week here at Little Company of Mary Hospital and is now able to perform a range of activities she was unable to do prior to the surgery. “I am able to go on walks with my husband without feeling like it is a punishment,” said Mitchell. Mitchell recommends Little Company of Mary Hospital to others in need of a hip replacement surgery. “Everyone is very friendly and approachable,” said Mitchell.


In regards to overall quality of life since her Anterior Hip Replacement surgery at Little Company of Mary Hospital, Mitchell believes the quality of her life has been improved. “I feel like a young woman again,” said Mitchell. “I got my life back.”


Dr. Basel I. Al-Aswad, Chairman of Little Company of Mary’s Orthopedic Program, works with an expert team of orthopedic surgeons that includes Dr. Steven Chandler and Dr. Salman Chaudri. Both of these surgeons are performing this innovative hip replacement procedure, which adds another dimension to surgical treatments for hip problems.


“At this time, the most common and traditional approach to total hip arthroplasty is the posterior one. I have been performing total hip replacements for many years and have been very pleased with the long-term results using this approach. Whether it is the posterior or anterior approach to total hip arthroplasty, I believe, in the end, that it is the skill and experience of the surgeon, along with patient selection and compliance, that determines a successful outcome,” said Dr. Al-Aswad.


For more information about Dr. Chandler - call 708-229-0101 or to receive information on bone and joint pain treatments at LCMH or to find an orthopedic specialist who can assist you, visit our website at or call 708.423.3070.



Left to Right: Mary J. Mitchell and Dr. Steven Chandler.



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