Women's Wellness Consultants

Women's Wellness Consultants

Providing Outreach to Women in the Community

Since the early 1980's, Little Company of Mary has recognized the unique healthcare needs of women by offering specialized patient and community health education programs geared specifically to women's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 


Since their formation, Women's Wellness Consultants have provided innovative wellness programs conducted by registered nurses. Their focus has always included the holistic approach of body, mind and spirit.  The Women's Wellness Consultants logo was selected in 1988 to represent the work of these dedicated nurses. Their enrichment programs empowered women to make room in their lives for "self" with special attention to their body's own unique health issues.


The Women's Wellness Consultants offer more than 30 different creative design workshops, designed for women's  groups - professional or social.


The Women's Wellness Consultants  offer many programs and events to help women improve their energy and spirit. The certified specialists offer progressive and traditional resources for life enhancement such as:

  • Anger and stress management
  • Diabetes Center services
  • Hypnosis for weight-loss, smoking, anxiety and migraine
  • Massage therapy
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Stretch and flex exercise and fitness classes
  • Tai Chi

The Women's Wellness Consultants also offer the C.H.E.E.R. Program (Choices, Humor, Enhancement, Education and Renewal) to help women with chronic illnesses enhance their lives through humor.


Under the direction of Joan Murphy R.N., Ph.D., the Women's Wellness Consultants have established successful outreach to women in the community to consult and partner with them in addressing their personal health needs.


"The Sisters of the Little Company of Mary had the insight and vision to provide loving and compassionate care to women of all ages, stages and backgrounds," says Joan Murphy, Director of Community Health. They had the foresight to recognize that women are the caregivers and brokers of health care for the family.


The Women's Wellness Consultants are committed to advocating for women and empowering them to take control of their health through health awareness programs, screening for risk factors and providing opportunities for life style changes. Joan Murphy was so passionate about women's  health and well-being that she has developed over 40 workshops and presented these not only to this community but nationwide over the years.


In 1985, the first Women's Wellness Weekend in the nation was introduced to women in this community. This weekend allowed women to come together and focus on their own needs. In 1985, 35 women attended and over the next 25 years, this number grew to almost 200.  The weekends provided a myriad of fun, energetic programs including health screenings, education, exercise, and well deserved pampering such as healing massage. This weekend showcased a variety of services much needed by women in areas of cardiovascular health and cancer prevention. The Women's Wellness Weekend evolved into 3 signature events offered throughout the year engaging over 200 women as of the last event in September of 2011.


Although the Women's Wellness Consultants have a special commitment and mission to help women, these same dedicated nurses also provide health awareness, screening and lifestyle programs to men and children in the community as well as over 2000 employees and volunteers from the Little Company of Mary family. Their commitment to the physicians and Health Care Specialists of Little Company of Mary is evident as they showcase wellness service lines available to the community. The multitude of programs and screenings are provided at the Little Company of Mary Health Education Center located at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park.


The focus of Joan's dissertation was the Power of Humor in Healing. She has written a book for Health Care Providers entitled  "A Guide for Health a Care Humor Program". As a result of the support of Little Company of Mary, a Humor Outreach Program was developed and sponsored by some wonderful women from the community. Today there is a program for patients in the hospital and an outpatient programs titled C.H.E.E.R.- Choices for Humor, Enhancement, Education, and Renewal. Both programs focus on using humor and a positive attitude to live healthier.


The Women's Wellness Consultants demonstrate the mission of the Sisters to women of the community as they manage the challenges that women must face in today's world. They truly represent a symbol in the community that Little Company Of Mary Hospital truly has the technology to heal and the mission to care.


Education Programs

Our passion and concern for women's health extends beyond our campus and into the community. We feature a wide variety of ongoing education classes and screenings to help women stay healthy. Our Health Education Center is located at Little Company of Mary Hospital in Evergreen Park.


Little Company of Mary offers signature events specifically designed for women.


Celebrate the Heart of Women - This event honors the spiritual side of women with a special liturgy and empowers women to make their own health a priority. Pamper yourself with a brunch, visit with friends, and learn what you need to know to maintain your personal best cardiovascular health.


Girl's Night Out - Live, laugh and learn at a fun evening with other women from the community that incorporates good food, good company and current information related to women's health.


Women's Wellness Event - Program includes continental breakfast and physician lecture as well as a range of screenings such as complete blood count, blood chemistry analysis, coronary risk profile, colon cancer kit, body mass index, blood pressure and oximetry.


Women's Lecture Series - Learn how to enhance your life with the right blend of attitude and energy. For your physical, emotional and spiritual health.




Family Birth Center Classes

Infant Massage

12:00PM - 2:00 PM



Family Birth Center Classes

Sibling Preparation

6:00PM - 7:30 PM



Support Groups

Breast Feeding Support Group

11:30AM - 12:30 PM

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