Little Company of Mary's Memory Clinic

Little Company of Mary's Memory Clinic

Little Company of Mary's Memory Clinic

Little Company of Mary Hospital (LCMH) is home to a Memory Clinic that offers preventative care testing in addition to follow-up appointments and treatment options for those who have concerns about their memory or who would just like a consultation. A neuropsychological examination assesses a patient’s cognitive abilities that include, but are not limited to, memory, attention, language, visuospatial skills, and certain executive functions. These screenings can document problems with memory and other kinds of thinking skills and can indicate other behavioral and psychological issues, such as depression and anxiety, which may contribute to memory deficits.


With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Robert Heilbronner, a clinical neuropsychologist who specializes in geriatric medicine, will be working hand-in-hand with Dr. Mary Anhthu Do, a neurologist, to conduct the evaluation. The comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation is the first step in the assessment process, used to identify changes in a person’s thinking skills. Based on the results from the initial screening, the Memory Clinic also conducts additional services such as lab work and referrals for CT or MRI scans when necessary.


“I believe that neuropsychological testing is the first step toward identifying the cause(s) of memory problems, which can eventually lead to effective prevention or treatment,” said Dr. Heilbronner. “It makes sense that everyone, beginning in their early 50s, undergo at least a cursory examination of their thinking skills in order to be proactive in their health. We certainly pay attention to our physical health and well-being by having physicals every few years – why not the same for our brains?”


Appointments are open to all and a doctor’s referral is not required. Both Dr. Heilbronner and Dr. Do work in collaboration with each patient’s primary care physician and all medical reports will be forwarded per the patient’s request. The Memory Clinic at LCMH provides a quick turnaround and all the test results and information are delivered to both patients and their families in a practical, easy-to-understand manner, with the patient’s best interest at heart. You also can access Little Company of Mary’s online patient portal “My LCMH Health” to obtain your medical records.


The Memory Clinic’s hours of operation are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Wednesdays. Evaluation fees are covered by most insurance companies, including Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and others, plan-depending. To learn more about the Memory Clinic at LCMH or to make an appointment, call 708.229.5625.



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