Midwifery Program

Midwifery Program

Midwives at the Family Birth Center

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Every mom-to-be wants their birth experience to be special, but with more than 4 million women giving birth each year, the definition of "special" varies by person. At Little Company of Mary's Family Birth Center, that's okay.


At the Family Birth Center at LCMH, many moms are choosing to deliver with the assistance of a midwife. Mary Kay Burke, APN, CNM, WHNPP, who has been with LCMH since the midwifery program launched in 2010. 


The Family Birth Center encourages women to choose whatever birthing method option they're comfortable with.  For some women, this may include the care of a Midwife. Little Company of Mary is proud to offer a Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) who specializes in personalized and tailored care to the specific needs of a mom.


Midwives know that each woman has unique health care needs and requires individual attention.  Midwives spend time by a woman's side in labor, supporting her and watching for any health concerns. They care for women during labor and delivery, as well as provide various types of health care for women including prenatal, postpartum and routine gynecological services.


Mary Kay Burke collaborates with Women's Healthcare Affiliates board-certified physicians: Dr. Bonaminio, Dr. Haldeman, Dr. Sulkowski, and Dr. Quinn to offer personalized birthing services.


To schedule a free 15-minute meet-and-greet with Briana or Mary Kay, please call 708.636.9205.



About Certified Nurse Midwifes

  • Certified Nurse Midwives are health care providers board certified in midwifery.
  • In Labor and Delivery, your midwife will:
    • Customize your birthing experience - Your midwife will begin help you customize a birth plan that achieves the birthing experience you want.
    • Become your supporter - Your midwife will stay by your side to help you through the labor and delivery process
    • Achieve your birthing preferences - Your midwife will help you achieve the birthing experience you choose. Whether you prefer a  natural birth with no medicinal intervention or would like to incorporate an epidural, your midwife will support you and provide you with the options to help you achieve the the birthing experience you wish.
    • Offer alternate pain minimizing methods - Including hydrotherapy, hypnotherapy, scented oils and other types of methods that will be discussed before delivery.
    • Help deliver your new baby - Your midwife will provide you information on the various delivery methods you can welcome your new child into the world.
    • Stay until you are comfortable - Your midwife will stay until your child is delivered and you are comfortable to begin your first hours with your new baby.  Your midwife may collaborate with certified nurse lactation consultants to help you begin the breastfeeding process if you prefer.




Nutrition Fitness & Weight Loss

Overeaters Anonymous

11:30AM - 12:30 PM



Family Birth Center Classes

Infant-Child CPR

7:00PM - 9:00 PM



Support Groups

Breast Feeding Support Group

11:30AM - 12:30 PM

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